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A Primary Exploration Of Migrant Worker Union In China

Posted on:2017-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330512468300Subject:Marxist theory
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Migrant workers are special groups which appear in processes of transformation that China has experienced from planned economic system to market economic system,from agricultural society to industrial society,and from rural society to modern society.Having made great contributions to socialism modernization construction,the appearance and rapid development of this special group turns out to be a significant symbol in the specific stage of historical development,namely stage of industrialization and process of urbanization.However,since urban-rural dual system was carried out,Chinese citizens have been divided into two categories,which are "urban registration"and "rural registration".Urban citizens benefit from preferential policies in Chinese cities.Migrant workers work in cities,however,instead of enjoying the same welfare as urban citizens,they suffer from discrimination due to the restriction of their own identities.Moreover,these migrant workers are engaged in hard,dirty,tired and dangerous work in cities,while their labor rights are not protected effectively.Therefore,Migrant Worker Union is established from around various regions to maintain migrant workers' interests.But several problems also appear in the process of development,such as the administration of union organization,the restriction of union's development and the weakness of union's ability to safeguard rights.However,the establishment and development of the Migrant Worker Union in China is a significant issue.Therefore,it is necessary to solve a few problems occurring in the establishment of the Migrant Worker Union and come up with relevant solution.Considering from the perspective of Migrant Worker Union establishment,this thesis takes Dalian Migrant Worker Union as an example to study the establishment of Migrant Worker Union thoroughly.The present thesis consists of four parts:Part one is introduction which puts forward research questions of the thesis,as well as analyzes research background and meanings of research questions.Part two is about relevant concepts and theories.The basic concepts development processes of "migrant workers'' and "Migrant Worker Union" are mainly introduced in this part.Besides that,not only does it summarizes five kinds of "Migrant Worker Union models" at present,but also elaborates related theoretical basis.Part three focuses on the situations of Migrant Worker Union in China.Based on related union theories and taking Dalian Migrant Worker Union as an example,this thesis investigates and studies current situations of Migrant Worker Union establishment,and analyzes problems and reasons that exist in the process of Migrant Worker Union establishment.Part four is on the basis of dilemma that Migrant Worker Union faces in its establishment.Taking current Chinese reality into account,this thesis comes up with solutions to this dilemma which involves in making the role of Migrant Worker Union explicit,reforming the later household registration system,strengthening rights protection of Migrant Worker Union and improving laws and regulations related to Migrant Worker Union.
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