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The Development Path Of China's Human Rights In A Multicultural Vision Mode Selection

Posted on:2012-03-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330368494506Subject:Legal theory
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Nowadays, the issue about human rights is catching more attention of the countries all over the world. The standard of human rights is always controversial on the background of multicultural. The developed countries of Europe and America are trying to introduce their single"universal human rights concept". But the universal human rights standard is neither established nor accepted by the world, instead of which the developing countries refuse the concept strongly, because of the differences among the culture, the standard of economy developing and the tradition of political. The developing countries advocate their human rights concept and standards by their own cultural positions, and try their best to achieve the goals. Although the developing of the human rights is really hard in the new China, we have already gained the great achievements of the world's attention. It is obviously that we should follow the trail of our own in developing the human rights, although there are so many difficulties in front of us, on the background of building the country rule-in-law and harmony. If the protecting and developing of our country's human rights building success or not, is decided by the chosen of the way which our country's human rights develop in. It is very important that we should choose the human rights concept which is suitable for our economy's developing and the real situation based on the traditional culture. We should treat the Marxist human rights concept as the important basic conception and the core value, based on which we can build the human rights protecting and developing mechanism in Chinese characteristic.
Keywords/Search Tags:multiculturalism, human rights protect, the developing model of human rights
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