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The Study Of The Villagers' Autonomy In China Based On The Democratization Process

Posted on:2012-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330368983631Subject:Administrative Management
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Villager's autonomy is a system in which every villager can live in his village as a natural man with autonomous right.He can take part in various public activities and administrate communal and internal affairs through democratic election, administration, supervision and decision making with the help of the villagers'committee.Villager's autonomy,as a unique democratic system in the management of our national rural society,it experienced a tortuous development process from its creation to the nation-wide promotion at present. Since ancient times,the management of our national rural society has been advanced continuely and our achievement is considerable.During Republic of China,we have made some achievements based on Sun Yat-sen's vigorous advocacy,which has provided valuable experience for the widespread practice of village autonomy after the founding of New China.Nowadays,in the process of de-mocratic political construction in China,a number of scholars take villager autonomy as an important form of grassroots democracy of our country,and they regard the influence of villagers self-government on China from many different areas and perspective. This article started from the origin of villagers autonomy,introduced the development of villagers self-government in China,focusing on the achievements and problems of villager's autonomy. This thesis research at home and abroad,based on the use of sociological theory, on the plight of rural society Villagers were sorted and analyzed,and a path out of self-control dilemma.
Keywords/Search Tags:villager's autonomy, The rural grass-roots democracy, democratization, political civilization
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