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The Extraterritorial Monopoly Criminal Regulation And Its Implications

Posted on:2013-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330374463727Subject:Criminal Law
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China's anti-monopoly law in the legal responsibility of the chapter sets out the responsibilities of the implementation of monopolistic behavior, but only a clear civil and administrative responsibilities, and no true sense of the provisions of monopolistic behavior should bear criminal responsibility. Monopolistic behavior, however, undermined the normal order of the socialist market economy, and damage the legitimate rights and interests of other legitimate business and consumers, reducing the social well-being, with serious social harm. The extraterritorial market economy countries (regions), anti-monopoly legislation, not only provides for the implementation of monopolistic behavior should bear civil liability, but also clear monopolistic behavior seriously disrupt the market economic order or harm the interests of other operators subject to criminal penalties. Therefore, the monopoly of crime legislation through comprehensive outlines and analyzes the extraterritorial market economy countries (regions), through a subsidiary of the criminal law model, in the serious business of the existing anti-monopoly law will be harmful to society to reach monopoly agreements, abuse of market domination acts under the scope of criminal law to combat, and to clearly define their guilt and the legal punishment, and to restore the destroyed order of market competition, protect the legitimate rights and interests of other operators and consumers to improve the social well-being.
Keywords/Search Tags:Anti-monopoly law, Monopolistic behavior, Criminal responsibility
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