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Research On Anti-monopoly Law Of Sports Sponsorship Behavior

Posted on:2020-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330602961636Subject:Science of Law
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After more than 40 years of reform and opening up,China has overtaken Japan to become the world's second largest economy after the United States.The achievements in the development of the socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics have attracted worldwide attention,and the development of the sports market is closely related to economic development.Indirectly,China's sports market has shown an extremely prosperous scene in recent years.Especially after the Olympic Games,the public's attention to the sports market has gradually increased,and the sports sponsorship market has also flourished.However,for China,under the conditions of the socialist market economy,sports sponsorship still belongs to an emerging market behavior,and its production and development in China is not long.At the same time,compared with Europe and America,China's sports sponsorship market is still at the stage of exploration,the relevant experience is insufficient,the relevant market conditions are not perfect,and the relevant legal mechanisms and safeguard measures need to be further improved.Under such conditions,there are inevitably many monopolistic behaviors in China's sports sponsorship market,which greatly affects the normal development of the sports sponsorship market,and also greatly damages the interests of the participants in the sports sponsorship market,and also greatly damages the interests of the participants in the sports sponsorship market.In terms of legislation,the legal norms of sports sponsorship in China are still not perfect.When there is a sports sponsorship monopoly in practice,the court often handles cases that cannot be relied upon,which brings a lot to the normal development of the sports sponsorship market.Great resistance.But at the same time,we have to admit that sports sponsorship has only developed in China for more than a decade.Many of the problems we face now are new problems that have not appeared in the past.Facing the contradiction between the rapid development of the sports sponsorship market and the imperfect legislative status quo,we must learn from the relevant legislation and judicial practice of developed countries in Europe and America,and combine the current situation of China's practice to improve China's legislation on sports sponsorship as soon as possible,and sports.The rapid development of the sponsorship market matches,ultimately promoting the development of the sports sponsorship market and promoting the prosperity and progress of China's sports industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:sports sponsorship, monopolistic behavior, anti-monopoly, reasonable regulation
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