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The Study Of Wu Jingchao's Social Thoughts

Posted on:2012-08-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Wu jingchao is a famous sociologist of our recent epoch Country. His academic thought in modern social circles in pivotal status. Wu jingchao as China's first generation of social scholars, had further to the United States, from the Chicago school founder, who accepted the parker of sociological professional training system.The returning to China Wu jingchao is facing the crisis drastic changes, the Chinese society, how to prompt a national revival and "China where to go" problem bothering numerous economist. It is in this context, Wu jingchao use his own rich knowledge of the subject and the society at that time to the unrest on the investigation and study, published many original ideas and opinions. Although Wu jingchao social thought theoretical basis points is, but he did reformism in order to save in distress, the depths of suffering. This is worth learning, sociology should ask for countries to make due contributions for the nation.Since the reform and opening up, China's economic and social development has achieved spectacular great achievements, but undeniable, also there are a series of prominent contradictions and problems, development is not quite comprehensive, coordinated, sustainable development is not enough ability are relatively weak. Such as urbanization, industrialization and new rural construction, education and population and so on various aspects have this or that kind of problem. And for the development of society Wu jingchao many aspects into analyses and studies, draw a lot about these aspects of the conclusion, these conclusion some now has been confirmed. Therefore, it is necessary for us to study the social thought Wu jingchao, absorb its useful part, in order to bring some inspiration to the development of today's society. This article through to Wu jingchao social thought, analyzes the research of our country's social thought his current social construction and China's sociological theory development has significance. This paper consists of the preface, the body and the extension.The Preface introduces the purpose and significance of the topic, the domestic and foreign relevant research dynamic, thoughts and the definition of the method and relevant.The body consists of seven chapters.The first chapter of the era of social thoughts of Wu jingchao produce et al background and his life course, introduces the Wu jingchao intended for detailed discussion on the specific behind social thought the blackboard.The second chapter to study in the United States Wu jingchao further described the experience, and to his teacher-the Chicago school figures parker were introduced. It's this study experience let Wu jingchao in the later formed in the research on statistics and data, and attention to the positivist study survey characteristics.The third chapter of Wu jingchao masterpiece "the fourth national way out" carry on a detailed introduction and discussed. He population density and professional according to two standards will nations of the world is divided into four kinds, think China belongs to a fourth countries, both need improvement. And points out that the solution is to improve production mode, temperance population to work nations.The fourth chapter of Wu jingchao on urban and rural construction and education theories comb summary. He thinks of urban and rural relationship not hostile, but help each other. To develop city can well promoting rural development. About education, he thinks that whether the city or village schools need not special professor agriculture, while depends on local economic geography background hold the related business, industry education.The fifth chapter introduces Wu jingchao about urbanization and abstemious population thoughts. On the background of modern urbanization Wu jingchao analyzes and concludes that his first book "urban sociology" introduction to the western the principle and method of urban sociology. Urbanization, and the development of industry brings population expansion problem, so Wu jingchao and proposed the Chinese must implement the temperance population thoughts.The sixth chapter of after new China was founded in 1949 of social thoughts of Wu jingchao transformation et al is introduced and analyzed. This period of China's population problem Wu jingchao forward some opinions, in times of transformation process, he chose to stay for the servie. And he soon finished the new era to process.The seven Chapter is the value of social thoughts of Wu jingchao to et al analyzes and expounds and significance. First contact and social development and China's current development status of sociology, its theoretical and practical value in general and summary;Through comparing the social development and our country at present the socialist modernization construction, found the differences between the social thoughts of Wu jingchao on the current et al. The part of the social development beneficial as the development about the work in relief city genealogies, rural, temperance population theory etc.The extension synthesizes the whole dissertation. It investigate the historical origins of Wu jingchao'social thoughts, characteristics and contributions, and we should strengthen, including Wu Jingchao ultra modem social scientists, including research.
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