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The Study Of Ideological And Political High Education In Ecological Perspective

Posted on:2013-02-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330362466749Subject:Ideological and political education
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Ideological and Political Education is an important part of higher education, the goal ofwhich is to train individuals with the correct world view, values and outlook on life as thesocialist builders and successors. The party and the government attaches great importance tothe ideological and political education, shows an overall positive, healthy momentum. Theideological and political education encountered some difficulties in the face of economicglobalization, social diversity, cultural pluralism and social transformation in the complexenvironment. The traditional concept of ideological and political education can neither give areasonable explanation, nor provide an effective response strategy. Therefore, the ideologicaland political education is seeking to develop in a broader perspective. This article is based onthe macro background of social ecology, use ecological way of thinking, to discover theproblems, to respond and to provide new ideas for ideological and political educationThis article consists of six chapters. Begins with the introduction, it states the backgroundand significance of the research, research methods, and its innovation and inadequacies.Chapter II: on the basis of a brief description of the ecology development, this chaptersummarizes four ways of ecology thinking and explores the possibility and necessity to takeecological perspective in the study of ideological and political education. Chapter III examinesthe ecological structure of the ideological and political education from the general. On the onehand, it investigates the external ecological environment, on the hand, it discusses ecologicalfunctions, input and output of the ideological and political education. Then it examines theinternal structure of the ideological and political education. Proposes that it consists of fourfunctional groups, the organization-specific leadership, management, functional groups,innovative functional groups, feedback functional groups and security service functional group.Chapter IV, examines the problems of ideological and political education, and analyzes thecauses from ecology theories and perspectives. Chapter V proposes the ecosystem of theoptimization strategy, including optimization of the system and outside the systemoptimization.The article attempts to develop and improve the theory of ideological and politicaleducation through interdisciplinary dialogue and promote a paradigm shift in ideological andpolitical education, a scientific and theoretical systematization and methods of ideological andpolitical education. From an ecological perspective, analyze the ecology of the ideological andpolitical education. Self-respect for the subject nature, concerned about the harmony andstability of the input and output. Maintains ecosystem balance system development ofideological and political education, improves the effectiveness of the ideological and political education, and trains socialist builders and successors qualified.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ideological and Political Education In University, Ecology, Functional Groups, Ecological Optimization
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