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An Empirical Study On Learning Motivation Of 90s Middle School Students

Posted on:2012-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Motivation is an innate ability and a tendency to learn actively. Initiated by internal dynamics, motivation can only be excited and can not be established. The so-called motivation is a direct internal power to inspire students to learn, stimulate and guide students in learning. Educational practice and psychology experiments show that learning motivation helps promote learning activities, and it can also stimulate the students' interest in learning, maintain a certain arousal level, point to specific learning activities. At school, the teachers often meet with some students who have no interest in learning. They lack learning motivation and share a variety of negative feelings arising from frustration in learning. Some students even have the idea to drop out. How to stimulate learning motivation of these students is a very common and harsh problem that the majority of teachers are facing. Learning motivation is gradually developed under the influence of social conditions, living environment and education level together. Different social conditions and education level has different requirements for students, so learning motivation reflected in the mind of students is very complex and diverse. In order to help the students with their learning, educators should understand the students'motivation so as to take the right teaching strategy.Post-90s middle school students are growing up with the company of internet. They bear some brand-new characteristics with them. For example, most of them are the only child of their families, so they are much more spoiled. When coming across difficulties, they are more likely to duck responsibility. Second, due to the convenience of the net, many post-90s have got an easy access to various kinds of information. They think they know much enough and have formed their own opinion. They are nearly stubborn some times. Also, they have too much confidence in themselves and may be considered as fustian. They are too eager to be successful, yet when confronted with difficulties, they are prone to shirk them. Based on these new characteristics of pot-90s, I did a survey on learning motivation in a middle school in Soochow. The subjects are 180 middle school students chosen randomly from a middle school, 180 questionnaires in total were collected and 150 are valid. And also ten students from grade three were interviewed about their learning motivation. According to the findings of the survey, six suggestions are put forward to help the students find their problems, stimulate their learning motivation and enhance the quality of teaching and learning. Besides, the limitations of this paper are pointed out and a conclusion is drawn at the end of the paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:motivation survey and analysis, new characteristics of post-90s, learning motivation theory
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