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The Research On Equalization Of Basic Public Services And Intergovernmental Transfer Payment

Posted on:2012-10-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2219330335475860Subject:Political economy
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Since Chinese Economic Reform,China's economy is boosting rapidly,financial crisis erupted and spread in 2008,chinese economy has undergong the most difficult year,but there is 8% growth. With the fast development of economy,one of the challenge is growing income gap,which threat to china's economy.Education,medical and health care,national insurance and other public services is very diffierent between areas,regions and groups. The essence between economy growth and income distribution is efficiency and fairness.If only to pursuit the GDP growth rather than pay more attention to fairness of income distribution,economic development will be affected negtivly.Intergovernmental Transfer Payment,especially in economically developed countries,be uesd an an important tool to narrow the gap in public servicing given by the local government among diffierent regions and provinces. Transfer Payment System is an imporant integration tax-sharing finace system,including:funds allocation methods,produces and so on. Previously,transfer system aimed to adjust the relationship between central government and local goverment;but now the purpurse of transfer system is to narrow the gap of pubic services between different local goverments.The paper firstly introduced the present operation in our country of transfer system,then assessing the performance in narrowing the public sevices gap by caculating.The main problems of the present system including:righs betweencentral government and local goverments is not clealy defined,the structure of the system is not quite resonable,there is also no law to supervise during the operation process and so on.After arguing the problems,some suggestions made,such as speed up the construction of the transfer system's laws and regulations,make sure the system's goal,divid affairs rights clearly among different level's government.
Keywords/Search Tags:Intergovermental Transfer System, Equlization Effect, Equlization of Basic Services, General Purpose Transfer Payment, Income Gap
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