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Annuity Mode Selection Based On The Incentive Effects

Posted on:2012-12-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2219330338953820Subject:Social security
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Annuity refers to the enterprises and their staff according to law, based on the state's old-age insurance, establish voluntarily the supplementary pension insurance system. It is based on national policy guidance and built in addition to the basic old-age pension insurance system.The welfare system in many ways has played an important effect. It increases the staff and workers'retire standard of living. The staffs can meet higher level needs to enhance the productivity and the cohesion and unity, which is a protracted and security tool. Annuity has been considered an important part of the employees' welfare plan. The enterprise pension system is related to enterprises'human resources management. Nowadays, annuity has become an important part of the enterprise pension system and faced the rapid development. In such circumstances, how to combine the human resources management and the annuity together, how to make the enterprise annuity be suit for the human resource development have become important issues in front of us.Our study is based on human resources management of the annuity mode selection by using the mode of the United States and Japan. We compare the different manpower effects of these two countries and analyze which one is suit for our national conditions and maximization the human resource effects. This article is mainly divided into six chapters including the abstract: the first part is abstract, mainly introducing the background and meaning of the theme and relevant research, the main method of study. The second part is the fundamental concept and related theory. The first is the concept of the enterprise pension system, human resource management and implementation measures;The second section is about the related theories of the enterprise pension system and human resources management. The third section is about the function of the enterprise pension system to human resources management. The third part is the annuity's development and analysis which include the introduction of the annuity and work style, the problems. The fourth part refers to some of the international experiences, taking the American and Japanese modes as examples. I compare the two countries and get the revelation of Chinese mode. The fifth part is the core of the study which compares the human resources effects of different modes, using model analysis and making conclusions. The sixth part is the policy recommendations on how to establish Chinese annuity system and complete human resources management goals. At last, I put forward some personal views.
Keywords/Search Tags:Enterprise annuity, Enterprises Human Resources Management, Inspire Effect, Treatment-determinated pension plan (DB), Payment-determinated pension plan (DC)
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