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Studies On Preparation And Properties Of Cross-linked Octenyl Succinic Anhydride Modified Broken Rice Starch

Posted on:2013-12-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L GouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2231330377460493Subject:Agricultural Products Processing and Storage
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To provide technique reference for the comprehensive utilization of brokenrice, hexane diacid-crosslinked broken rice starch, octenyl succinic anhydridebroken rice starch and the crosslinked octenyl succinic anhydride modified brokenrice starch were prepared with broken rice starch by crosslinking, esterification,and crosslinking esterification. Research emcompasses several major topics: beoptimized for the process of hexane diacid-crosslinked broken rice starch, octenylsuccinic anhydride broken rice starch and crosslinked octenyl succinic anhydridemodified broken rice starch. The characteristics of crosslinked octenyl succinicanhydride broken rice starch and its particle morphology, structure weredetermined and preliminary analyzed. The results were as follows:Hexane diacid-crosslinked broken rice starch was prepared with hexane diacidas crosslinker. The optimum conditions were: the dosage of adipic acid0.5%, pH9,reaction time1.5h, reaction temperature60℃. Under these conditions, thesettlement of cross-linked starch was0.75mL.Octenyl succinic anhydride broken rice starch was prepared with octenylsuccinic anhydride (OSA) in aqueous method. The optimum conditions were: OSAwas3%, the dosage of starch30%, pH8.5, reaction time5h, the reactiontemperature35℃. Under these conditions, the degree of substitution (Ds) ofoctenyl succinate broken rice starch ester was0.01445.Cross-linked octenyl succinic anhydride modified broken rice starch wasprepared by hexane diacid cross-linked broken rice starch. The optimum conditionswere: OSA3%, the dosage of starch30%, settlement0.75mL, pH8.5, reaction time4h, reaction temperature40℃.Under these conditions, the Ds of product was0.01624The characteristics including transparency, viscosity, anti-retrogradation,freeze-thaw stability were measured and contrasted. The results showed that:(1)the former of the transparency, retrogradation and freeze-thaw stability are superiorto the latter three; the viscosity characteristics of the former is slightly lower thanthe octenyl succinate starch esters of broken rice, but higher than the adipic acidcrosslinked broken rice starch and broken rice starch.(2) Transparency, viscositywith the add media sucrose solution concentration increases, the decline with the add media NaCl concentration increased.SEM revealed that broken rice starch after crosslinked esterification, thesurface obvious depression, indicating that cross-linking and esterification on thebroken rice starch morphology has changed to some extent. The FT-IRspectroscopy showed that new absorption peaks at1726cm-1,1570cm-1confirmingoctenylsuccinate groups are introduced in the starch molecules.
Keywords/Search Tags:broken rice, broken rice starch, hexane diacid cross-linked starch, octenyl succinic anhydride starch, crosslinked octenyl succinicanhydride starch
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