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The Deep Meaning Of Mohist On Our Social Ethic Construction

Posted on:2013-08-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2235330395969068Subject:Chinese philosophy
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The thought of Chinese traditional ethic gathers the strength of all the peoples,dominates the ethic life of the Chinese, coordinates the social rules of China andpromotes the prosperity and progress of China. Of all the traditional ethic thoughts,the thought of pre-Qin dynasty attracts most, for its source as Chinese traditionalculture. What’s more, Mohist School is considered to be important during Qin dynasty,whose thought is closely related to our social ethic construction. Though they are indifferent time, they have many common characters. This essay is to find out itscommon ground as well as the deep meaning toward our ethic construction byanalyzing the ethic thought of Mohist.This paper which talks about the deep meaning of Mohist on our social ethicconstruction mainly contains four parts. Part One analyses the basic theory of Mohistschool, and gets the conclusion that social environment at that time and the differentattitudes of the master affect it a lot. As to its own theory, this paper reports it fromconcepts of heaven and human, justice and privilege, being public and private, humannature. Part Two introduces the basic idea and its special value from five aspects, thatis, the ethic thought of unselfish love and communication, the ethic rule of payingattention to justice, the ethic quality of chasing the thrift life not the wasting, the ethiccharacter of loving all the people, the ethic education of accommodating the world.The thought of Mohist has its own special value. Compared to the schools ofConfucius, Taoist, Legalism, it concludes the value of Utilitarianism in Mohist. PartThree analyzes the frustrating about the ethics of the contemporary society. It explainsthis idea from three aspects: the manifest of the frustrating, its causes and the strengthof the ethic construction. Part Four shows the meaning of the Mohist theory towardthe contemporary society, and expounds deeply about the basic theory of Mohist inpart two from five aspects. The ideal thought gives the enlightenment to the choice ofsocial ethic, the justice introduces the value to the ethic rule of society, the conceptleads to the ethic consume of the society, the accomplishment shows the effect aboutthe contemporary training, the education means to the contemporary education. Liang Qichao, the great contemporary thinker and reformer, thinks that, the Mohisttheory fascinate the generation a lot and the pity is that the descendants have noability to keep it leaving it burying under the ground for two or three thousand years.From this, it is our duty to closely face the history, extract the valuable heritage ofMohist school and develop this traditional virtue to be used for the construction of thesocialist.
Keywords/Search Tags:ethic thought of unselfish love, ethic rule of towardsjustice, ethic quality of chasing the thrift life not the wasting, ethic character of loving all the people, ethic education ofaccommodating the world
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