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The Latter Compound3Carve Pattern Features Of Research

Posted on:2014-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X P RongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2235330398951083Subject:Fine Arts
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During the Ming and qing dynasties shanxi courtyard buildingsacross the country, the design of brick carvings, wood carvings,stone carvings are more prominent features, it condensed theaccumulation of Chinese traditional culture and glorious. This articlefrom the "three" design art produced by economic factors, politicalfactors, traditional architectural technology and art, geography,environmental factors, ideal pursuit of the latter compoundbackground of the "three" analysis research, aims to research thelatter compound "three birds" overview of design and application,understand the "three" design theme, cultural connotation andaesthetic principles.The research methods in this paper, by analogy, for the lattercompound "three birds" design art expression characteristics dodetailed analysis and research, through the latter five "three" designart features of compound analysis, thought of Ming and qingdynasties of jin merchants "three birds" design with fine feeds style,design art form and composition rule is different from othertraditional patterns, the latter compound countless carvings aresimilar and repetition, its artistic value is "meaning" instead of "form".Although the latter compound "three birds" design it is typical ofnorthern residential culture symbol, its practicability, adaptability, expressive is a place where designers to learn and draw lessons fromnow.
Keywords/Search Tags:The latter compound, Brick carvings, Wood carving, stone, Design features, The cultural connotation, Aesthetic principles
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