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On E-C Translation Of Terminology In The Ghost Of Meter:Culture And Prosody In American Free Verse

Posted on:2014-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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While terminology acts as a positive factor to promote the development of society and civilization, there are a great amount of problems in the perspective of translation of terminology.The text of this thesis is The Ghost of Meter:Culture and Prosody in American Free Verse written by Annie Fincht. The content of the text includes lots of information and theories in English poetry, literature and history. The thesis intends, by means of cultural transplantation, to explore the translation strategy of terminology in the literary theory and criticism.The thesis, first of all, states the translation process and theory. In the pre-translating preparation, the thesis introduces the text and the author the cultural transplantation, the theory for translation, as well as the attempted language style of the translated version. Then some examples are selected to concretely explain and analyze how to transplant. The aim of the thesis is, to realize the function of the transplantation in translating terminology of the literary theory and criticism.After the analysis and discussion of the examples, the thesis concludes that the cultural transplantation is appropriate for the translation of terminology. Based on different types of the text, the concrete means should include literal translation, addition and so on. At the same time, when there are several translation versions for a word, the cultural comparison is needed to get the best one.
Keywords/Search Tags:Literary theory and criticism, cultural transplantation, case analysis, translation ofterminology, The Ghost of Meter
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