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Nearly A Decade In The Mainland Movie City Space Construction Of Visual And Interactive Study

Posted on:2013-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Urban space and the films are the spatial and temporal, city movies in the performance of the process need to use the city space to organize the arrangement.Urban space itself and the film has strong similarities. Especially under the turn of space in geographic research, urban space concerned about the material aspects of the original has been extended to the interpretation of social life and culture.In the new century, China has entered a critical period of rapid growth of the urbanization process, which basic academic discourse and the discipline system is an urgent need to construct. Recent years that is just the boom period of the Chinese film from the both in terms. These provide a rich material and the basis for the study of urban space in the film.This article consists of five chapters: Introduction firstly describes that the turn of space lead to the cross point in study the intersection between film and urban space. Then explains the need for realistic about studying them, and finally shows the research at home and abroad as well as the lack of research, finally discusses the research content framework and innovation. And this chapter discusses the selected mainland film and the defined urban space in the film.By reviewing the correlation study of the turn of space and the brief review of China’s urbanization and urban film development process in Chapter Ⅱ. We can better understand the relationship between the film and urban space. And we can know more about the background and theory course.Chapter Ⅲ describes the urban space in the movie audio-visual. Movie audio-visual language as an artistic technique has its own characteristics and advantages.we should in-depth analysis the two parts. From the space, and discussed in detail in the characteristics of urban space in the film combined with the specific case.Chapter Ⅴ points out and further discusses the interaction between the film and urban space. We hope to have some new discoveries. Marketing film is one of the ways of city marketing approach, and also is the actively trying of commercial interaction between the city and the film refer to foreign modes of operation. The depth discussion of the underlying causes of this phenomenon between the marketing type film and urban spatial interaction in this section. We can think it from three aspects that the background reasons, cultural reasons, as well as the double opportunity of urbanization and the movie industry. The urban space in those is always the views of the city. But we need to look at it from both the pros and cons, which promotes the development of the urban and the film.In short, film will choose creative subjects from the urban space, which make the rich connotation of film space. Film space has become a new urban space imagination, so the film as a practice involved in the urban space recreation. Then the influence even will be reflected through the building or landscape changes.
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