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Accession To The Wto On China's Local Administration System

Posted on:2003-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360065460331Subject:Administrative Management
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This paper mostly argued the influence on management system of local administration when China joins in the WTO. Firstly we analyses the relation of playing a game between center and locality. From the impact on the management system of administration of central government the author argued the harmless of local protectionist to market economy, in details. Then, we talked about the developing zone for local government and even developing direction of management system.In the first part, the author introduce the system of WTO briefly, and his influence to his members' government administration. In this part, through the introduction of WTO' s system, orientation, principle and characteristics, we show some successful experience of developed country and developing country and how they adapt to WTO.In the second part, mostly argues how the WTO' s principles to influence the central government and what the government will do to adapt it. Firstly from system structure, the government behavior and government goal, the paper analyses the influence when China join the WTO. Then we think Chinese government must make abundant preparations in changing roles, making the system in order, making the legal system perfectly, training and absorbing talents when entering WTO.The third part is the most important part in this paper, talking about the reform and the development of local government after China entering WTO. Firstly. It describe the bad influence on local government and the incompatible behavior of local government. Secondly from thedeveloping history and the game between center and local, explain the local protectionism is the enormous obstacle to market economy. Thus we have an opinion that joining WTO will benefit both to the relation of central and local and to the relation of government and enterprise. Finally we analysis the local government administration must take countermeasures to adapt to WTO in the future.The forth part mostly talk about the opportunity, challenge and countermeasures that the developing district faces. As we all know, the developing district is the experimental plot for local government's reform. This system of administration has reflected the local administration and developing trend and the developing district will face opportunities and challenges. We hope to give some suggestions to the system of central government administration after joining WTO.In the last part of this paper, we consider about the real work. In the future, Suzhou industrial park (SIP) will improve his administration and take some countermeasure to face WTO.The author hopes that this paper will offer essential help to local government's officer and impetus to WTO.
Keywords/Search Tags:WTO, Central government and local government, Government behavior, Countermeasure
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