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After The Cold War America And Japan Are Compared With Those Of A Military Alliance With The United States

Posted on:2013-12-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After World War Ⅱ, because of the Cold War, The United States builtalliance with Japan in1951.The outbreak of The Korea war impelled TheU.S. established alliance with the Republic of Korea.Although the alliancesof US-Japan and US-ROK were formed in the1950s and in the same background, butthey had differences in the United States diplomatic strategy. In The Cold War, alongwith the change of the international situation and the need against the Soviet Union ofAmerica, the two alliances experienced adjustment and changes.After the ending of the Cold War, the disappearance of the Soviet Union madethe two alliances adjusted their goals and function. The US-Japan alliance wasdefined more international, the US-ROK Alliance was seen the indispensableexistence in East Asia. At the same time, the two alliances had many contradictionsand differences, for example, about Korea problem, the unlawful acts of US Army, theexperience of AntiAmericanism.As important neighbors of China, Japan and Republic of Korea play an importantrole in China’s diplomacy. So the US-Japan alliance and US-ROK alliance haveimportant influence of the neighboring countries to China. In response, China shouldtake actions, such as commitment to peaceful rise, promoting regional cooperation.
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