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The Government Information Disclosure And Confidentiality And Its Strategy Choice

Posted on:2013-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Y FengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330374454632Subject:Information Science
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In the new era with the highly developed information, each government isincreasingly emphasizing the open of the government’s information in order to ensurethe transparency and advancement of the political system. China is no exception. Sincethe "Disclosure Regulations of the Government’s Information”(DRGI) and“Confidentiality of the People’s Republic of China "(CPRC) were carried out, we havehad not only achievements but also a lot of problems and reflections. The focus issue isthat the conflict between the DRGI and the CPRC caused the fuzzy boundary betweenthe public and the confidentiality of the information. Consequential there is the decisionproblem whether a piece of the government’s information should be disclosed or be keptin secret. To this situation, this survey which adopts the model way of structureinterpretation which multistage deduces to an conclusion by way of mathematicalchoice and structural analysis based on the existing domestic and international researchstudies and states the boundary of the disclosure of the information and theconfidentiality of it, finds out the relevant elements which affects the decision, toanalyze the interest relationship of the disclosure and the confidentiality with the cleardata by way of mathematical model and the qualitative and quantitative analysis, henceultimately to solve the decision problem of the government’s information disclosure andconfidentiality. If this survey may offer a new perspective for the study of the disclosureand the confidentiality of the government’s information or may be of a little help in theacademic circles, I’ll be much honored.
Keywords/Search Tags:The disclosure of the government’s information, The confidentiality of thegovernment’s information, The decision problem, The model way of structureinterpretation
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