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The Study Of Zemin Jiang’s Balancing Urban And Rural Development

Posted on:2013-12-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The imbalance of urban and rural development is a problem which caused by our system defects. At The Fifth Plenum of the17th CPC Central Committee, Jiabao Wen brought up that transform the mode of economic growth for improve it. Balancing urban and rural development and solve the problem of "country、agriculture、farmer" has became urgent problems.Since PRC established, the leaders of our party focused on these problems, and brought up their thoughts. In Jiang period, he has thought about these problems deeply, then he brought up a series of thought to solve these problems.Marx’s theory is the fundamental basis of Jiang’s balancing urban and rural development theory. Jiang inherited Zedong Mao、Xiaoping Deng’s theories, summarized experiences and recognized our nation’s situation in that time, and then brought it up. Jiang’s thoughts of balancing urban and rural development have contributed to this theory and the practice now and future.The first part of this article is to summarize the theory and the practice basis of Jiang’s thoughts、background of these thoughts brought up and his new ideas; the second part, try to completely descript Jiang’s these thoughts from economics、politics、culture、society、environment in two parts:The development of "country、agriculture、farmer" and The development of small towns. The last part is to evaluate the value of his thoughts.
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