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Changes Of Governance In Chinese Rural Villages Under The Background Of Balancing Urban And Rural Development

Posted on:2012-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Urban and rural development is a major strategic adjustment in China’s modernization, the abolition of agricultural tax has changed the face of village governance, China has entered a new era of village governance. This study about changes in village governance in Chendu.where is the Comprehensive experimental areas to balance urban and rural development, will promote our urban and rural development and the harmonious society building,so it has great theoretical and practical significance.At first, this paper describes social foundation of the village from the point of positivism, and examines the history of the development of governance in the village. Then it draws a conclusion that balancing urban and rural development has reshaped the relationship between the state and farmers, reconstructed of the power structure within the village, thereby affects the changes of social capital in village, undermines the atmosphere of the village self-government. This brought about a high resources’ growth in authority of the village and activation of the institution of village self-governance game system, so that village governance presents a characteristic of multi-governance.Further study find that Balancing Urban and Rural areas is a logical continuation of state-building in modern times, but also a new strategy of modern state-building in new period. The property rights reform and comprehensive renovation of land change peasants" permanent assets into capital in modem market system provide market power for the urban and rural areas; the reform of the household registration system and the establishment of rural social security liberate peasants from the dual structure of urban and rural areas, then remove institutional barriers to rural-urban migration; The public services funds not only increases the village welfare and integration of the village social forces, but also enhance the state’s penetration to village society and consolidate the validity of the regime; village cadres are monitored by the councils of administrative village and groups, so that committee cadres could be positive controlled.
Keywords/Search Tags:state construction, balancing urban and rural development, villagemanagement, Chengdu mode
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