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A Study Of Evaluation Criteria On Leadership Qualities

Posted on:2012-11-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374496012Subject:Administrative Management
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Establishing and improving a scientific leaders quality evaluation criteria and the related carrying mechanism, and normalizing the implementation during the course of leaders’selecting and cultivating, is a problem of the talented researching and managing system that should be solved quickly in China. Currently our country leader talents are in the shortage of resources, and many cracks have been existing in the leader quality evaluation criteria, various of many problems and malpractice appeared in the construction the of leader talents implementation plan, all of which will seriously baffle our national leader’s selecting and raising, and affect the significant strategic mission implementations as leader system construction. This research bases on the current evaluation criteria of our country leaders,200appointed or retired cadres and related personnel were selected from Government departments and the Large and middle scale Enterprises, in Changsha, Xiangtan and Zhuzhou to take the investigation sample, in the questionnaire survey and the depth interview’s foundation, realistic difficult position and the insufficiency of the quality evaluation criteria have been analyzed thoroughly. Meanwhile, in profits of outstanding experience’s foundation for leaders quality evaluation criteria from US,Japan, UK, evaluation criteria system’s countermeasure for our country leadership have been proposed, which will thus soon provides certain rationale and the implementation strategy suggestion to realize "a great talented nation, a powerful manpower nation" the great strategic projectThis research mainly take "the leader quality evaluation criteria" as the central content, analyzed thoroughly current scientific formulation and the effective implementation questions for the quality evaluation criteria. And after studying the research results which earnestly the Western main developed country leaders in the quality evaluation criteria may supply to use for reference, the following several aspects conclusion have been drawn. First, it starts late in the leader evaluation criteria aspect in China, however, while introducing the West experiences, also already initially formed scientific and system’s talented person quality evaluation criteria; Next, certain blind spots have been existed at home in the quality evaluation criteria aspect, as the fine refinement degree insufficiency, the heavy visual degree carrying out dynamics to be insufficient, the imperfect implementation supervision management, which will hinder our country leaders system’s further construction; Third, internationally the main developed countries obtained succeeded greatly in the leader quality evaluation criteria construction aspect, not only in the theoretical side, but in the unprecedented progress in practical; Finally, unifies our country special national condition, in refers to each kind of advanced theory and in the literature material foundation, it proposed to consummate the leader quality evaluation criteria and the practice operation:"two methods three characteristics" promotion countermeasure,In brief, impelling the quality evaluation criteria work reform of our country leaders, building up scientific and reasonable leader quality evaluation system, establishing execution and supervising mechanism of our country leaders’quality evaluation criteria, will be concerning with the party and the country important developing planning for the future, and will be important manpower safeguard for realizing the powerful nation strategy with talented persons and the sustainable development.
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