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Study Of The U.S. Ifnancial Regulatory Eform Of The Legal Issues In Ifnancial Crisis

Posted on:2013-01-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The financial industry is an important foundation for a modern country’s rapid economicdevelopment. The orderly development of the financial industry as a guarantee in need of financialsupervision, financial regulation according to the law, enforcement of the law must be necessary,violators are prosecuted, it is necessary to improve financial supervision and the legal system do toprotect. Sound financial supervision and the legal system is a good operation of the guarantee of anational financial order, is important for maintaining the country’s financial security. The rapiddevelopment of China as an emerging economy, the financial industry need to improve financialsupervision and the legal system to protect to deal with the growing financial regulation. WithChina’s accession to the WTO, the reform and opening up the pace is picking up speed in the fieldof financial sector bonds, private equity funds and other financial innovations into our country.China has become a part of the world economy, the global financial market turmoil will inevitablyaffect China’s financial security, how to adapt the situation to ensure the safety and efficiency ofChina’s financial sector is to put a problem in the face of financial regulation.The United States as a representative of the world’s developed countries, the development ofits financial industry has been a world leader in it thanks to its set of sound financial regulation legalsystem. America has long been advertised their own concept of financial supervision, financialregulatory approach and philosophy to world. However, as the U.S. financial crisis, the Americansand the world began to reflect on the U.S. financial regulatory model, began to reflect on the legalsystem of financial regulation in the United States. Financial globalization, financial innovation hasbecome the consensus of the global financial, in order to ensure the safety and efficiency offinancial markets in China, it is necessary to learn from the advanced experience of the legal systemof financial regulation in developed countries, learn from its failures.The paper is divided into an introduction, the financial regulatory overview of the current regulatory legal system summary, the U.S. financial regulatory reform of the legal system,reform of U.S. financial regulatory laws Enlightenment Conclusion six parts.Introduction The first part introduces the background and significance of this study.The second part of the financial regulatory overview introduces the meaning of financialregulation, financial supervision and theoretical development of the financial regulatory law, to laya theoretical foundation for this study. The third part of the current U.S. financial regulation legal system, summarize the main beforethe financial crisis, the U.S. financial regulator the formation and framework of the legal system,and summed up the U.S. financial regulatory legal system can learn from and weaknesses.Part IV the legal system of the U.S. financial regulatory reform introduced in response to thefinancial crisis, Americans are beginning to reflect on their own financial supervision and the legalsystem, and adapt to the development of the reform. This part of the Obama financial reform bill,the U.S. financial regulatory reform of legal systems on the merits of the inadequacies have beenreviewed.Part V of the U.S. financial regulatory reform of legal systems introduces Enlightenmentintroduced in the context of financial globalization, financial liberalization, China’s financialsupervision and the legal system, and pointed out the lack of the legal system of China’s financialregulatory learn from the U.S. financial regulatory reform of legal systems on the basis of the legalsystem of China’s financial regulatory reform and development of a number of recommendations.Part VI Conclusion China’s financial reform of China’s economic and social development ofgreat significance, is important but difficult systems engineering.
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