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Post-crisis Era Of China’s Financial Regulatory Law Of The Perfect Swindling

Posted on:2013-11-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330392465354Subject:Economic Law
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In today’s financial problems have become increasingly sensitive to, thefinancial crisis once again the outbreak of the financial regulatory loopholes, lack offinancial regulatory law seriously can not attach importance to national regulators.From the economic point of view of the financial crisis is the product of the outbreakof a financial risk is cumulative, and the financial crisis, the national monetary policyfailure, and serious loss of market capitalization, sluggish business operators, theunemployment rate continues to increase, and so the decline of social and economicphenomenon will appears, from the perspective of law, the financial crises in thecountry’s regulatory failure a strong relationship. The confusion caused by loosemacroeconomic policies on the capital market and financial derivatives transactions,financial transactions market order out of control, which led to the subprimemortgage crisis.The financial regulatory law is the basis of practical, effective financialregulation implemented. After the crisis, a series of domestic and foreign financialregulatory problems and no proper solution to improve the financial regulatory lawin order to achieve the Government to strengthen macro-control, and effectiveimplementation of the purpose of financial regulation. This writing focuses onChina’s financial regulatory law of the perfect problem, first of all explore the historyof China’s financial regulatory law of the text to the U.S. financial regulatory reformbill and the German financial regulatory reform bill for the reference, a detailedanalysis of the bill content, goal and function. A comparative analysis of methods toidentify domestic and foreign financial regulatory law is different in common, andsummary. And financial regulatory law to analyze the situation, prevention andprotection after the point of view to talk about how to improve the financialregulatory law.
Keywords/Search Tags:Financial supervision, Financial crisis, The value of law, The UnitedStates financial regulatory reform bill, Legal configuration
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