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On The Challenge And Perfection Of Chinese Capital Adequacy Supervisory Legal System Basel On The Basel Capital Accord Ⅲ

Posted on:2013-08-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374990510Subject:Economic Law
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The capital is the foundation of the survival and development of the commercialbanks, so the capital regulation become the core of banking supervision.Since theimplementation of “Basel Capital Accord”, capital standard has turned into agenerally accepted international standard to measure the stability of single bank andeven of the whole banking system,and become an important benchmark to maintainfair competition in banking industry. industry. Since capital regulation play animportant role in banking supervision,the effectiveness of capital regulation willaffect the safe operations of commercial banks and the stability of macroeconomic.After several financial crises, capital regulation has made considerable developmentCommercial banks are in constant innovation and development, supervision ofcommercial banks also need to improve continually to meet the development ofcommercial banks. The capital sufficient supervision carried by supervisionorganization Can not only help the Commercial banks to reduce the operation risk andthe risk motive in order to guarantees the bank stability, but may also help theCommercial banks to improve the management and operation performance and then tothe prompt the operation benefits.After several financial crises,especially the seriousglobal financial crises caused by broke out of2008sub-prime crisis in America,capital regulation has made considerable development and “Basel Capital Accord Ⅲ”bring capital regulation to a totally new stage.Capital Regulation in China has achieved some remarkable achievements,butthere are many areas for improvement, especially in the context of the currentfinancial crisis. It is very import to analyze Basel Capital Accord Ⅲand have a goodknowledge of shortcomings of capital regulation in China as well as come to aseries effective suggestions on how to improve China’s capital regulation.We shouldimprove supervision notion and establish of mechanisms for counter cyclical capitalregulation, strengthen regulation of operational risks and off balance sheet items andimprove the capital quality and so on to reconstruct Chinese capital adequacysupervisory system as to conform with international standard.
Keywords/Search Tags:Capital adequacy, Basel Capital Accord, Regulatory innovation
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