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Assessment Of Community Correction To An Empirical Investigation

Posted on:2013-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the transition from piloting to trial, the community correction is facing a growing number of objects and the management is getting more complicated. Furthermore, the community correction is non-custodial, which means the law-breakers do not involve a period of time in prison, meanwhile, they are often scattered in a relatively wide range of area and enjoy the freedom of speech and expression. All of these factors increase the difficulty of the management of community correction. As a result, it is necessary to raise the threshold of objects defining to wipe out the law-breakers who are not qualified to get the communication correction, so the community correction could be carried out effectively. In order to make sure the community correction could be executed smoothly, the construction of a scientific community correction pre-evaluation system would be necessary. This article starts with the pre-investigation of community correction of the city M, S province, and analyzes the pre-evaluation of the community correction, then attempt to answer the questions below:What is the community correction pre-evaluation? What are the contents and the scope of community correction pre-evaluation? How to establish the standards of community correction pre-evaluation? How to formulate the procedures of community correction pre-evaluation? How to ensure the execution of the community correction pre-evaluation? All these questions have practical significance to build the community correction pre-evaluation system and furthermore, to complete the community correction institution of our nation.The paper is organized as follows:first we analyze the half of the theory of community correction pre-evaluation, make an overview of the basic idea and principles of community correction pre-evaluation, and propose some basic approaches of community correction pre-evaluation. Then we elaborately investigate the community correction pre-evaluation work in the city of M, S province, which was chosen as a trial city; analyze the procedure, range, content and the guarantee of the community correction pre-evaluation, and we finally get a skeleton of the community correction pre-evaluation. At last, we analyze the defect of the community correction pre-evaluation in our nation and proposed some suggestions, which could contribute to the community correction pre-evaluation in the other cities.As the large amount and the wide range of community correction pre-evaluation, though the author have done a very intensive work, this article is still not very elaborated and some of the problems have not been well analyzed for the restricted range of trial cities and the lack of capabilities of the author. This is however the further focus of this research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Community Correction, Evaluation, Survey
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