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Research On Community Correction Survey

Posted on:2017-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In today’s society, the non imprisonment punishment has become a world trend, community correction is a non custodial alternative measures to the relevant United Nations Convention on human rights advocate. Custodial penalty has been higher proportion in our country, the need for respect and protection of human rights in China from the beginning of 2003 in the part of the pilot provinces of the community correction work in 2005 2009, the expansion of the pilot comprehensive pilot, the pilot work for our country’s penal system is of great significance to improve and update the concept of punishment of community correction, more than 10 years since the pilot has achieved good results. The court of our country non custodial penalty, the proportion increased year by year, and the community correction management team has not increased significantly, brought the regulatory problem for the management of community correction, community correction research evaluation system was proved to be an effective way to strengthen the community correction of individualized education in practice more and more. To be paid attention to.Community Correction Investigation and assessment work carried out early in the developed area of our country, the system is relatively perfect, carried out later in the central and western underdeveloped regions, the relative lack of system. From a national perspective, the Community Correction Investigation and assessment work in China is still in the initial stage, has not yet formed mature theory system, there are many problems in practice. Firstly the concept of community correction from the investigation and assessment, investigation and assessment of characteristics, significance are introduced; then reviewed the development of China’s Community Correction Investigation and evaluation system, and then through the investigation and assessment in the Jiangsu Province, the community correction practice situation analysis, the investigation and assessment of community correction in China at present from six aspects:the legal system is not perfect, start the program is not perfect, collaborative residence difficult, difficult to identify, the investigation and assessment report recognizing deposit In disagreement, lack of staff; finally, the foreign community correction evaluation survey of mature experience, combined with China’s actual proposed clearly the community correction of the legislative status of the investigation and assessment, improve the starting procedure, a correct understanding of the report properties, improve the supervision mechanism, establish mechanism for linking system, suggestions for the optimization of strengthening the team construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:community correction, investigation and evaluation, empirical research, existing problems, suggestions for improvement
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