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Research On Role Of Government In Development Of Jinan’s Industrial Cluster

Posted on:2013-12-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395469932Subject:Public administration
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Since1980s, the phenomenon of industrial cluster has positively effected regional economic development. All countries in the world have brought the industry cluster development concept into economic and strategic planning in view of the regional and even the national competitive advantages. At present, industrial clusters have becoming very common in developed and developing countries. The range of industrial clusters is increasingly extensive from traditional handicraft industry to the high-tech industry. In the need of theory and practice, this paper discusses the role of Chinese Government in the development of industrial clusters by using methods of system analysis and empirical research.This paper analyses the basic attribute of industrial clusters and the function of the Government. Industrial cluster is described from six aspects of connotation, basic features, development stage, categories, composing and operating mechanism. As the theoretical basis of status analysis, types of industrial cluster are creatively classified from the degree of maturity and open-up. Internal channel which promotes cluster’s components growing and interacting and external approach which guides the cluster to participate in global value chain and rise to higher value-added sectors are inferred from connotation of industrial cluster’s development. After that, this paper discusses the corresponding performance of Government’s function.This paper takes the growing Government-promoting industrial cluster of Jinan software and information service for example to make an empirical study on the role of the Government. Combined with the status analysis of Jinan’s software and information service industrial cluster, this paper discusses the role of Government from four aspects, including the scientific planning and layout of the industrial cluster, establishment and improvement of the-public service system, development of domestic and international markets and support of the innovation ability. Thereafter, this paper proposes the Government’s issues of defects on the awareness and lacks of systematization, specialization, internationalization and dynamic change in the role of the Government.Finally, the suggestions are made up of five aspects from cost factors, environmental factors, policy factors, innovation factors and international factors which impact the development of industry cluster, including reasonable use of cost competitive advantage, creation of a good market development environment, implementation of sustainable development policy, encouragement of innovation competitive advantage and enhancement of international competitiveness of cluster.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial cluster, Role of the Government, Jinan, Software andinformation service industry
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