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Study On The Role Of County Government In The Development Of Industrial Cluster

Posted on:2021-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330620461852Subject:Administrative Management
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The rural revitalization strategy raises the general requirements of “thriving businesses,pleasant living environment,rural civilization,effective governance and wealthy life” clearly,wherein “thriving businesses” is the focus of rural revitalization and the basis of increasing farmers' income,realizing agricultural development and rural prosperity.Under the strategic policies of accelerating the development of urban modern agriculture and special agriculture with high efficiency,carrying out the action plan of improving agricultural product processing industry,cultivating a batch of leading agricultural industrialization enterprises,Hebei Province presents its strong competitiveness in agricultural industry clusters.The county industry clusters are mostly concentrated on local professional enterprises,which form characteristic industry clusters spontaneously and are mainly composed of small and medium-sized enterprises.Owing to the weak strength of small and medium-sized enterprises,they tend to face the following problems,such as capital shortage,talents shortage,backward technology & equipment and insufficient competitiveness.To overcome the deficiency in the development of industry clusters,the local government provides necessary capital and public service for industry clusters to guide the formation and development through formulating corresponding policies.Therefore,China has formed a large number of industry clusters with high professional degree and strong competitiveness.But the government still needs to solve some urgent problems when it promotes industry development and formulates cluster policies,such as how the government should position itself clearly and give full play to the cluster effect.Hebei Provincial government pays high attention to the development of industry clusters and strives to build characteristic industry clusters in various-level counties,such as the leather industry clusters in Xinji City,the furniture industry clusters in Xianghe County,the clothing industry clusters in Rongcheng County and the edible mushroom industry clusters in Pingquan City.With the continuous development of the industry clusters,the government also face the above problems in promoting the developmentof industry clusters and formulating industry policies,therefore,they should position themselves clearly and realize comprehensive development of industry clusters,which is the problem needing to be solved urgently for our province.Taking the edible mushroom industry clusters in Pingquan City as an example,this paper,based on numerous and detailed experience materials,conducts specific analysis on the existing problems and deficiencies of local government in guiding and promoting the development of county industry clusters according to the different roles of the local government in the different development stages of county industry clusters,and proposes targeted countermeasures & suggestions on the basis of analyzing the corresponding reasons further.This research aims at providing beneficial reference for the local government to position itself in the development of the county industry clusters,especially the county agricultural industry clusters in order to promote the development of industry clusters better.This paper consists of five parts.Part I is introduction and mainly introduces the research background,research significance,research idea and methods;Part II defines related concepts and expounds related theories;Part III,based on the case analysis of the edible mushroom industry clusters in Pingquan City,mainly expounds the development background and development process of the edible mushroom industry in Pingquan City and the roles of Pingquan Municipal Government in the different development stages of industry clusters;Part IV analyzes the problems existed in the development of edible mushroom industry clusters in Pingquan City and corresponding reasons;Part V proposes feasible countermeasures&suggestions aiming at the government role position optimization in the development of industry clusters;The final part is summary,which makes summary mainly and makes prospect to the role optimization of the government in the development of industry clusters.
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