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The Communist Party Of China New Democratic Revolution Thought And Practice Of The People's Livelihood

Posted on:2013-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J W WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395490897Subject:Marxism in China
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Livelihood issue is the basic problem of the development of human society, which is also th e eternal theme of it. Communist Party of China has trying to improve the living standard of Chi nese people since its founding. During the New Democratic Revolution, the CPC consociates the theory of Marxism and the Chinese Revolution facts, then learns from theory which is explored i n practice, gradually forms the livelihood theory which coincide the masses’ interest in Chinese a rduous and complex revolutionary situation. The people’s livelihood thinking of the New Democ ratic Revolution is the beginning of the CPC’s Livelihood of People Theory, which establishes a solid foundation for the later. The practice of the New Democratic Revolution improved people’s livelihood, and greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of Chinese people to participate in the revoluti on. After arduous struggle under the leadership of the CPC. the Chinese people not only overthre w imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism, became the masters of new China, but also provided valuable experience and important revelation for the further improvement of socialist re volution, construction and reform.The thesis is divided into four major sections. Part Ⅰ:The Introduction describes the history and reason of the CPC’s Livelihood of People Theory, the significance of its theoretical and prac tical significance, the definition of its concept, meaning, content and other aspects of it, and resea rch methods as well as innovations of the whole article.Part Ⅱ:the origins of CPC’s Livelihood of People Theory. On one hand, comes from both t he heritage of traditional and modern thought of Chinese people’s livelihood thinking; On the ot her hand,it is from inheritance and innovation on the livelihood of Marxism,Lenin socialism.Part Ⅲ:the ideology and practice of the CPC’s Livelihood of People Theory during the Ne w Democratic Revolution.It included the preliminary understanding of the problems of farmers, the implementation of the limiting rent and land policy, the leadership of the workers’ movement, and the attention to women’s issues; In the Agrarian Revolution, it included the implementation of the arable agricultural land policy, attention to vulnerable groups, the development of agricult ure in the Soviet area, and care for the people living; During Anti-Japanese War it contained the i mposition of rent and interest reduction of land policy, to develop production, strengthen social s ecurity, and the implementation of democratic politics; In the time of the War of Liberation it wa s made up of introducing the average allocation of land policy,focusing on education, and prote cting the interests of farmers.Part Ⅳ:the contemporary value of the CPC’s Livelihood of People Theory during new-dem ocratic revolution, which is important for the construction of today China people’s livelihood. Th e first is the theoretical significance. It enriches and develops Marxism and the CPC’s livelihood thinking. The Second is real revelation. To begin with, it insists on serving the people wholeheart edly. realizing the people’s interests and needs; then,we must insist on relying on the masses, giv e full play to the enthusiasm of the masses:at last, we should adhere to everything from reality,a nd to grasp the people’s livelihood characteristics of the different periods.
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