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Historical Investigation And Experience Enlightenment Of Maintaining And Strengthening The Unity Of The CPC. In The New-democratic Revolution Period

Posted on:2018-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330533963050Subject:Ideological and political education
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Maintaining and strengthening the unity and solidarity of the Party is one of the important tasks to promote the comprehensive and strict running of the Party in the new situation.The practice of the Communist Party of China in the period of the new democratic revolution can provide us with useful historical experience and realistic enlightenment to correctly understand and solve this problem.The unity and solidarity of the Party refers to a highly consistent state of mind,politics and organization of the organizations at all levels and all members within the proletarian Party,formed on the basis of the principle of Marx,which is the resource of the Party's fighting power and vitality.Marx,Engels and Lenin,and other proletarian revolutionary mentors,regarded it as one of the basic principles of Party building,and left a richer discussion.The unity and solidarity of the Party and the struggle within the Party are the two states of the unity of opposites,and the high degree of unity cannot be achieved without the necessary struggle.In the process of struggle,we must distinguish between antagonistic and non antagonistic contradictions,adopt a strategy of ideological struggle or organizational struggle to educate and unite the vast majority of comrades,and firmly oppose the practice of "ruthless struggle and merciless attack" for forcing them,with the attitude of "curing the sickness to save the patient",to unite those with willing to correct mistakes,and lead them to go forward.which are the correct ways to realize the unity of the Party.Reviewing the Party's practice in the period of the new democratic revolution,the Party focused on political discipline and political rules in the early days,and began to carry out the relevant design at the system level.In the period of the great revolution,the Party realized the important value of ideological education,and carried out the preliminary exploration for the ideological education in the Party;At the same time,the organization principle of democratic centralism was regulated and established;A number of functional agencies were also established to strengthen the supervision and leadership of the lower Party organizations or business units.During the period of agrarian revolution,the Party established the correct policy of developing inner-Party democracy,promoting the unity and building the Party with thoughts,under the tortuous exploration,and overcame threechallenges of the separatist mistakes,successfully maintaining the unity of the revolutionary ranks.During the period of Anti-Japanese War,the Party deeply promoted founding the Party with the thoughts,and strengthened the centralized and unified leadership of the central committee.During the war of liberation,the Party continued to strengthen ideological guidance,and insisted and perfected the democratic centralism in the system level,at the same time.In practice,the Party also has some shortcomings,and especially before the Zunyi meeting,the immature part is more prominent,which is of course a stage that the political party must go through,and after overcoming the defects and mistakes,the Communist Party of China has matured to a higher level of unity,and ultimately achieved the great victory of the new democratic revolution.In terms of the above,the following historical experience and corresponding practical enlightenment can be obtained: Firstly,adhere to put the ideological construction in the first place,strengthen the education of ideal and faith,and build a strong ideological basis of unity.Secondly,the establishment of the leading core of the Party is of great significance to the unity of the whole Party,which should be produced in the practice of struggle,and be maintained by the whole Party comrades,to enhance the "core consciousness" and "uniformity consciousness".Thirdly,adhere to the principle of democratic centralism,against the patriarchal system and extreme democratization,and deal with the relationship among the Party with the basic principle of "four obedience".Fourthly,strictly enforce the discipline and rules of the Party,fasten the cage of system,and standardize the words and deeds of Party members and cadres,to safeguard the unity of the Party with iron discipline.Fifthly,adhere to collaborative propulsion of the great cause and the great project,and combined with the new situations and new problems faced by the development of the times and the Party's own development,persistently and strictly promote the comprehensive and strict running of the Party,so as to make the Party as an unified and strong leading core for ever.
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