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Studies Of Legal Regulation For Legislative Corruption

Posted on:2011-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F XiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395958511Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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In the process of building a socialist country ruled by law, economic and social continuous develop, various social phenomena are emerging. The collision and conflict of social interests have become an important aspect of social contradictions. In our country, continuous in-depth of democratic an legal has been the background of the times. These normative documents, such as legal, continue to increase implications on the social. The allocation and adjustment of rights and obligations of citizens, the management of resource and information, the normative order of common life, the contents of people’s various activities of economic, cultural and social, are all constraint and impact by types of regulatory documents. GUO Jingyi case has exposed serious harm corruption legislation aroused the concern of academics and social. This article hopes to start from studying on the harm and causes of legislative corruption from our country, study and analyze the defect which existing on the system and the concept of normative documents. At the same time, the author study on the advance experience and system design of legal regulation of the legislative corruption of foreign nation, establish a preliminary outline of the system to prevent corruption in our legislative framework. This paper analyzes the harm to the constitutional implementation and the human rights protection of legislative corruption, meanwhile the author focus on the flaw in the constitutional system which is one of the causes of legislative. The author think there are some unscientific and imperfections in our present constitutional system and legislative system and so on. Those need to adjust the system and concept to meet the social development of the constitutional construct legislative system. And for China’s current people’s congress system, I also view the prevention of corruption legislation, proposed re-explain the significance of the NPC system, to improve and enhance the quality of legislators, to provide the material basis of purposes of constitutional review.
Keywords/Search Tags:Legislative corruption, Constitutional government, Legislative process, Legalregulation
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