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On The Causes And Countermeasures Of Public-related Economic Crime

Posted on:2013-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395961204Subject:Criminal Law
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The public-related economic crime is a type of economic crime detrimental to the state, society and the public, mainly including illegal absorbing of public savings, fraudulent fund-raising, pyramid schemes, illegal sales of the shares of unlisted companies and other economic crimes. There are similar public-related factors in securities crimes, contract fraud crimes, counterfeiting money, and rural economic criminal activities. Since2006when the Ministry of Public Security carried out intensive crackdown on economic crimes, effective combat and prevention of public-related economic crimes has become a major issue in our judicial practice, which has attracted great attention from the theorists of judicial practice and economic crime investigation. In recent years, with the rapid development and tremendous changes in China’s political, economic, cultural and social fields, public-related economic crimes are on the rise. Such cases involve a great many of victims causing particularly serious and harmful consequences, which are of great destructiveness to social stability and economic order. Especially in the current global economic downturn, it is easier to bring force fluctuations to economic activities in the finance, stock market and various other commerce and trade fields, triggering a lot of instable disturbances and endangering social stability and national security. Only when the Departments of Economic Investigation and Public Security make profound analysis of the causes of public-related Economic Crimes and grasp their disciplines and characteristics can they take targeted investigative measures to curb the high incidences of the public-related economic crimes, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the general public, and maintain the economic order, social harmony and stability of the socialist market economy.
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