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The Countermeasure Study Of Informatization Construction Of Shenyang Police System Administrative Management On Economic Crime Investigation

Posted on:2015-04-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330467984569Subject:Public administration
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Informatization is not only the commanding heights of the development of society in the future, but also a trend of the economic and social development. With China’s accession to the "WTO" and the quickening of the economic globalization, all kinds of high technology content and economic crime emerge in an endless stream, which to some extent, has increased the difficulty of maintaining our social and economic stability. It has become a imperative task for our Detectation Department to prevent and combat economic crime, grasp the intelligence information of the economic crime and strengthen the informatization construction, timely and accurately. The "Intelligence information led police work " is a hot topic for the police in developed countries. Those countries have realized the importance of the collection and analysis of the information about crime on policing strategy. With the development of technology, in need of adapting to the times of network, the police also take the Informatization as one of the most important public security works, both the central and the local government have put a lot of manpower, material resources on informatization construction, which makes the information construction develop rapidly all over the country.In recent years, the informatization construction of public is a top priority of police work to governments at all levels, the enthusiasm of public security on the informatization construction did not retreat, however,for various reasons,the development speed of informatization construction in public security is not as before, with slow progress, the informatization construction comes into the bottleneck.Combined with the actual situation of the Shenyang Public Security Bureau of Economic Crime Investigation administrative informatization construction, taken administrative management information theory as a guide, on the analysis of the contrast research in the process of the basic overview of the informatization construction of the public security administration, through the analysis of existing policies, for the existing problems of Shenyang public security in the administrative informatization construction, the author proposes the suggestions to strengthen the informatization awareness,strengthen the system construction,integrate the internal and external resources,to strengthen the application of informatization,the implementation of safeguard measures, etc.
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