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Study On Local Government Responsibilities In Loss Of Rural Land Erosion

Posted on:2014-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330398978151Subject:Political Theory
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In Chinese society, land carrying thousands of years of culture. Land change not only leads to the development of society, more significant role in the lives of hundreds of millions of farmers. With the development of city modernization and industrialization, land resources are facing the plight of the continual loss of land, illegal occupation of land loss is the main, the government responsibility is closely related with. Therefore, the protection of land resources, cannot do without fulfilling the responsibility of the government.This paper on the responsible government theory throughout the text, analyze the government responsibility on rural land loss, explore the reasons for the lack of responsibility, in order to improve the government in land resource protection responsibilities.The first part defines the responsibility of government in theory, the obligation and responsibility to conform to the public interests that the government and its members to perform in the national management of the.The second part describes the current situation of Chinese rural land erosion, person much ground is little, more and more serious brain drain is the major way of land, land expropriation and the collective management of illegal transfer of land use rights, the responsibility of the government is that it fails to Ignore the opinions of the people and the interests of farmers, the abuse of land rights destruction of land resources, the lack of effective land management law enforcement and supervision, lack of responsibility lies in the pursuit of political achievements, responsibility consciousness is weak, administrative centralization, the pursuit of local interests, way of supervision and the old, the passive supervision.The third part of strengthening the responsibility of the government, the protection of land resources. Clear responsibility to improve the government resources protection consciousness from the sense of responsibility, set up for the people responsible for the concept, the reform of government performance evaluation mechanism; The normative responsibility means limiting the abuse of power, regulation of collective land property rights system, improve the land acquisition system; Guarantee responsibility to strengthen the supervision of the departments of land and resources, and optimize land supervision, from passive to active, and reduce the loss of land.Regardless of political modernization is the modernization of the economy,"rational" can not be missing. The modernization of economy and not blindly on resources excessive, disorderly exploitation, but starting from a long-term sustainable development.
Keywords/Search Tags:loss of land, local government, the responsibility of the government
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