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Based On The Distance Education Quality Guarantee System Of Higher Education Under The Distance Learning Evaluation Research

Posted on:2013-07-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Distance education quality assurance system of learning evaluationin the rational use of distance education learners is to improve the qualityof heavy medium of heavy. The distance learning evaluation research isstill not to guide the work of the practice is very effective and reasonableoperation scheme, unable to cope with the rapid development of thedistance education is an urgent need. System directly influences thelearning motivation and learning style, our country’s current highereducation system, cannot change the traditional way of learning, tochange the traditional management mode of distance education evaluation,remote teaching, remote teaching teaching resources are used, onlychanging the teaching form on the surface, he can’t really change systeminnovation as the focus, realization of learners’ autonomous learningability in Distance Education in China is a challenge.This paper adopts literature analysis, comparative analysis, casestudy and survey research methods, full text consists of several parts: thefirst part is the introduction, including research background, researchstatus at home and abroad, meaning and value of research and researchmethods; the second part is a summary of the quality assurance system ofthe distance education, explains what is the remote quality assurancesystem, basic characteristics, constituent elements; the third part is aboutthe distance higher education study evaluation in detail, introduces thedistance education learning evaluation concept, function and process; onthe fourth part of the domestic and foreign4institution of distanceeducation quality assurance system and learning evaluation mode arecompared and analyzed; the fifth part of a simple design of a distanceeducation learning evaluation. This paper mainly analyzes the OpenUniversity in the United Kingdom, India Indira Gandhi National University, our university and College School of distance educationlearning evaluation, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages, summedup the distance higher education study evaluation should have thecharacteristic, finally design the ideal distance learning evaluation mode.Looking through the information teaching platform for distance highereducation, learning evaluation aspects carries on the analysis, summary,to ultimately improve the distance higher education in China, improve theteaching quality of distance education in our country the study evaluationthe feasibility of the proposed method and train of thought.
Keywords/Search Tags:Learning evaluation, Distance education learningevaluation, Distance education quality assurance system
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