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Research And Practice Of Campus-level Open And Distance Education Quality Assurance System

Posted on:2007-07-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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John Daniel, the ex-assistant general manager of the Science and Education Organization of the United Nations once pointed out, quality is an important standard to measure an open university. The Ministry of Education has started "the distance education experiment " since 1999, the distance education has achieved great development, the scale of the TV Universities has been promoted year by year. However, as " the super development" is going on , some branch schools have faced the contradiction of the scale and the quality. In this case, it seems to be extremely necessary and urgent to focus on the research of the distance education quality ensurance system and to resolve the practical problems that are exposed to the quality ensurance system.This essay focuses on the quality ensurance of the distance and open education, it carries on the special research by referring to the theories and study achievement on distance and open education of home and abroad, combining the practical and circumstance of the branch schools of TV university and making the comparison of the open education quality control between the Central TV University ,Shanghai TV University and the PuDong Branch school .It puts forward to set up the frame of the educational quality ensurance system of the TV university branch school, that is the educational idea assurance system, organization assurance system, institution assurance system, process assurance system, evaluation , supervision assurance system and the service quality control system. It discusses the principle of the quality control with the idea of the process management and the key points supervision. At the meantime, it gives the summary of the achievements that are obtained by setting up the educational quality ensurance system and the existed problems.This topic will deepen the research and practice of the distance and open education quality control system, strengthen the TV universities system, enhance the educational quality level and especially guide the practice of the branch schools.
Keywords/Search Tags:distance education, quality ensurance system, branch school of TV University
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