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To Establish The Prefecture-oriented Quality Assurance System And A Chieve The Sustainable Development Of The Suburban Distance Education

Posted on:2006-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360152990162Subject:Education Technology
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Under the influence of the ideological trend of the lifelong education and establishing a learning-typed society, the modern distance education will be the first choice for lifelong education learners, which is chiefly characterized by the open educational philosophy, the advanced teaching patterns and the flexible learning approaches. In the meantime, the distance education is indispensable to realize the informationalization of the modern education and promote the modernization of education.The most sensitive topic, therefore, is to understand the modern distance education, especially the sustainable development of education in rural areas, which is also a big issue to solve. Then with the guidance of modern education theories, how to establish the quality assurance system for the modern suburban distance education, find out a pattern for localized development, ensure the sustainable development and layout a highly efficient distance education system according to the experience and achievements of education technology, computer technology ,cyber technology and communication technology ,is becoming one of the great subject matters.This paper aims to elaborate and analyze the current situation of suburban distance education, the already-existed problems and the restricting factors in accordance with the systematic theories, educational technology and communication theories, learning theories and modern distance education theories. On the basis the above mentioned, the paper presents a quality assurance system frame with a purpose of guiding the modern suburban distance education in order to promote the sustainable development of suburban distance education.The author has participated in several international programs, such as EU-China Gansu Basic Education Program, Educational Ministry-Li Jiacheng Northwest Primary and Secondary Distance Education Program, UNDP CPR/01/403 and MOE Microsoft-China "Partners in Learning" Program. AS an executant or a trainer, the author had opportunities to go deep into suburbs and do the research work over the distance education in the northwest poverty-stricken areas. In this paper, the authorattempts to find out the influential factors which restrict the sustainable development of the suburban distance education by making a detailed analysis on the problems and then depict an efficient quality assurance system frame.The assurance system provided by the author is guided by the systematic theory and based on the current situation and regional characteristics of the education. An overall consideration is given over the teaching aim, teaching process, teaching resources, teaching management, assurance of the technology, learning aids and assessment. The personal development of the learners is regarded as ultimate purpose in this paper. Keeping this in mind, the author intends to search for an appropriate quality assurance system for the education development in rural areas in order to promote a big stride of the elementary education.
Keywords/Search Tags:prefecture-oriented, suburban distance education, quality assurance system
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