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The Survey And Analysis On The Current Situation Of Spontaneous Mass Sports Organization In Kaifeng City

Posted on:2013-10-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of society, China’s sports career flourish, sports population inversed rapidly,hoverer, compared with China’s mass sports and the development of competitive sports, there is still a biggap.Hu Jintao’s secretary—general in2008Beijing Olympic Games, Paralympic Game summarycommends on congress points out clearly, under the condition of the realization of a sports power country,mass sports has become the weak link in building a powerful country of sport. In2010completed the goalof” National Fitness Program” in15years, the development of mass sports in China has entered a newstage, people’s sports idea has also changed, personal exercise form already can’t satisfy the needs of themajority of sports fans. In a group together to improve sports skills, at the same time, seeking a sense ofbelonging and accomplishment has become people’s new choice. The state General Administration of sportin1997and2001,two of mass sports in China in the current situation undertook investigating, investigatingshows, our country of all kinds of mass sports activity in the exercise, the spontaneous formation ofindependent management is more than half of the total, and present growth trend, therefore, thespontaneous mass sports organizations in China’s sports organizations have occupied a very importantposition. Based on the study of spontaneous public sports organization, to our country’s development ofmass sports has a certain guiding significance.This article offers an overview of the sports development status of our country populace by literaturematerial method, and makes a survey about the current situation of spontaneous mass sports organization inKaifeng city, if also makes analysis and research about the current situation through the method of logicalanalysis and mathematical statistics.From the result of the survey, spontaneous mass sports organization in Kaifeng city is regard theemotions between the members who have the same sports interests and goals as the main link, rely on thesoul in the organization to form the solid group. Aging society and the change of the family structure is oneof the reasons for spontaneous mass sports organization’s formation, its existence enriched the middle-agedand elderly people’s cultural life. The members exchange their feelings and hunt for the sense ofbelonging and achievement in the process of sports activities. The spontaneous mass sports organization in Kaifeng city is dominated by the national traditionalsports, this is not only inherit the excellent Chinese sports culture, but also carry forward our nation’stradition sports spirit. It lays the foundations for the construction of the mass sports with Chinesecharacteristics. However, because of the shortage of field and the lock of the funds,most of thespontaneous mass sports organizations can’t expand their scak. In the choice of the field, they can onlychoose the single public but not special field, such as park, square, street and community. What’s more, thesource of the organization funds is very single, its mainly depend on a few membership dues that paidvoluntanty by member. The social sports instructor of Kaifeng spontaneous mass gymnastic organizationgives priority to the compulsory instruction, the whole profession level is on the low side, the quantity fallfar behind with actual needs, the lack of social gym instructor will become one of the main problems ofpreventing the development of it. Its member of Kaifeng are mainly juniors and seniors, many of theirchildren will accompany the old do exercises during their spare time, many also bring their families to joinit, which will accelerate the remedy fault age of gymnastic population.To further develop this organization, all levels government should enhance the emphasis of if,regardit as an improve keystone and bread-points, and give necessary support in policy measurements andsubstantial guarantee; the training of organizers and instructors, should be improved to lay the foundationof mass development of public gym. At the same time, it’s necessary to develop the theatrical research ofthis organization, dig and clean up the traditional gymnastic program which is suit for Chinese body andmind feature, spread science and utility、handy and feasible gymnastic bodysuit mode and popularize itthrough the organization, forming the mass gym which has Chinese specially, then provide a new stage fordeveloping ethnical culture and spirit.
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