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Research On Current Situation And Countermeasures Of Spontaneous Mass Sports Organization

Posted on:2015-03-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Undertakings of physical culture and sports backward when the founding of new China, morethan half a century, from basic, starts from jumped to the world\"first group\" and the continuation of thebrilliant, gold medal powers have been Chinese sports card, compared with the rapid development ofcompetitive sports, mass sports development level is still very low in our country, has become the weaklink in the construction of sports power in our country.With the rapid expansion in the "national fitness plan", the people come to realize that taking exerciseis closely related to their own. Where the residents of city community, campus, parks, etc., generally set upfitness facilities, a sound foundation. Compared to the previous single individual exercise form havealready can’t meet the demand of the people’s fitness. Seek common sports skills in groups to improve atthe same time, to seek a sense of belonging and a sense of achievement has become people’s new options.This article through the literature material law, questionnaire investigation,, mathematical statistics,logic analysis of the status quo of ZhengZhou JinShui district spontaneous masses sports organizations arestudied, find out the existing main difficulties and the main factors that influence its development, putforward the reference suggestion. The following conclusions:ZhengZhou JinShui district spontaneous development of mass sports in large organizations as theleading factor, small and medium as the main body of the basic model, overall development more mature.The vast majority of spontaneous masses sports organizations rely on members dues and insignificant otherincome can maintain the basic normal activity, but the development is severely hinder and limit. Socialsports instructors in spontaneous mass sports activities to a great extent improve the group’s vitality andattraction. Social sports instructors, the actual quantity and the demand far cannot satisfy the demand of thedevelopment of mass sports.Park, square, community public sports facilities in aspects such as the lack ofthe larger, severely restricts the spontaneous activity of normal and effective to carry out mass sportsorganizations.Suggestions are as follows:Spontaneous mass sports organization should establish a clear, clear objective, pointed out the development direction; Shift organization management mode, improve its own charm andincome-generating ability fundamentally.Try to explore ways to benefit, actively explore use of societyresources and establish the strong consciousness of "cutting expenditure", maximum use of developmentresources, realize sustainable development.The government support, encourage and guide enterprises,institutions and schools and other private venues, equipment, and professional sports venues and otherresources actively open up, can fully fully meet the demand of the development of spontaneous mass sportsactivities. Increase of social sports instructors and other professional talents cultivation and investment,strengthen the spontaneous development of mass sports organization.
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