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The Theory Of The Communist Party Of China Party Culture Socialization Of The Education In Colleges And Universities In Our Country

Posted on:2013-03-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Party culture is the soul of one party, and it is the source of lasting and developing political party. The culture of political party with many aspects of the social and political function, But these functions must be achieved through its socialization to play and show. the socialization of party culture is equal to spread and accept it by people. The socialization of party culture of CPC is achieved through a variety of ways. Among them, higher education and college practice of our country is one of the important approaches.CPC has been laying emphasis on pushing the socialization of culture of the party by our higher education and college practice activities from the period of new democratic revolution to the period of socialism construction, and then to the new period of reform and Opening-up. The party, with the help of the educational activities, to achieve its political party cultural socialization including:politics theory classes in teaching activities, a series of thematic education activity, students’social practice activity, and with the aid of campus media. It can be said that China’s higher education activities from different levels to spread the thought theory of the party culture, system culture, behavior culture and psychological culture style of politics. And its actual effect is significant, which are revealed in the following aspects:With the help of our ideological and political education of college students to improve the Communist Party of China’s identity; thematic education activities of Colleges and Universities enhanced the influence and impact of the cultural of CPC; Academic activities to promote the ideological and cultural socialization; The party’s education strengthen the ideology of cultural leadership. But at the same time, this effect is limited, there is still a lot of work to do. In conclusion, our higher school education and practical activities as an important approach and successful way to promote the cultural socialization of CPC.
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