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The Research Of Semi-Physical Modol About High-Speed Train Control Network Based On LPC3250

Posted on:2013-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y CuiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371994643Subject:Power electronics and electric drive
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In recent years, China has became the NO.1in the length of high-speed railway in operation. The degree of localization about train equipment becomes greater and greater with the development of train transport. But we still do not have self-owned intellectual property in train control network is one of the crucial technologyThe paper is supported by the project of high-speed railway communication network control system (2009BAG12A06), which is national science and technology support project, developed by our university. In this paper, the function card which is similar to MDM8function card used in CRH2train communication network is designed; the Semi-physical simulation model of train communication network is built by consulting the CRH2train communication network.The main work of the paper including:First of all, the designation of circuit diagram and the selection of the electronic components used in function card are completed. LPC3250, which is high performance in low power and high speed as embedded processor, is selected as CPU of the function card. The system extended the EEPORM、Flash and SDRAM for storage device, chosen COM20022as protocol processor. In the same time, the system also extended power supply circuits、serial ports circuits、ethernet network circuits and so on.4-layer PCB board layout and system test is finished.Secondly, linux system transplantation is finished. COM20022driver files and about how to send and receive packets depending on ARCNET protocol is programmed with C language.Finally, the semi-physical simulation system, which is composed of three network node (including a PC and a MDM8function card), is built and debugged.the basic communication is completed. It is working in order.Reference value for ARCNET network being used in train communication network is provided. And practical significance for our country to have self-own intellectual property of train control network is maded through the paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:ARCNET, LPC3250, COM20022, Linux System, MDM8function card
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