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The Design Of Multi-function Remote Control Used In Smart Home Based On The Zigbee Technology

Posted on:2013-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330377950381Subject:Communication and Information System
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Subject background:In recent years, people’s live changed all times, all kinds ofcommunication equipment and digital products emergence constantly, howevernetwork and the rapid development of information technology has made the societychanged a lot. Information has become the intermediary between people、digitalequipment and social intermediary, the connectivity not only contributed to the socialdevelopment, but also brings more convenient、comfortable and information of life topeople. Society is made up of a family, to realize an information social must start fromthe family. Must achieve family information we can establish a real information society.Establish perfect smart house system and construct information and intelligence ofliving environment, which is the right choice to achieve family information. Implementa perfect smart house system, it is necessary to set up a home network, through thefamily network join up some digital equipment, household appliances and controlequipment, use a protocol to make these machines’s communication normally andmaintain coordination, thus to build up into a information living environment, toprovide people various of functional requirements in life and work.The basis of standing the title: Remote control is an essential part of the smarthome system, As a control node in the entire system, The user through the operation ofthe remote control for home network equipment to perform the appropriate commandthis paper focus on the basic concept of the smart home, the system structure and keytechnology, used the ZigBee wireless communication technology as a family networkcommunication Program, designed the smart house system’ s software and hardware.The paper’s main research contents:1.Analyze the ZigBee protocol andcommunication theory, study several the topology of ZigBee network, and select starnetwork as the topology of the smart home internal network in this article.2.Study three aspects of the internal network, the external network and the home gateway inthe smart home system, and describes the structure of home network equipment andvertical stratification system of the smart home system.3.Designed the overallframework of the remote control in the smart home system, defines the function ofeach module, and give requirements based on the practical application of the design.4.Base on ZigBee wireless communication technology, in this paper, design thehardware and software components of the smart home remote control, increase theGSM module for remote notification and receive commands.Research achievements: in the paper, use the remote control as the control center,use ZigBee wireless communication technology as the communication program of thefamily internal network. Achieve use the remote control to control device nodes of theentire wireless home network, through use GSM module to achieve remote control andnotification capabilities.In this article, the first chapter, introduce the project of background at first, andanalyzes the development and status of the smart house and WPAN in the domestic andforeign, finally introduced the research content and construct of this paper. The secondchapter, analyze and compare several popular short-range wireless communicationstechnology at first, select the ZigBee technology as the family internal network ofcommunication technology, then analyze the ZigBee protocol and the architecture ofthe smart home system. The third chapter, design the overall framework of the smarthome remote control, defines the function of each module, and according to the systemstructure and practical application give requirements of the remote control hardwareand software designing. The fourth chapter, according to the function of Systems needto implement and the requirements of practical applications, design each module. Thefifth chapter, design the main process of the remote control, the process of the GSMmodule to receive and send short message and the process of Button interrupt. At lastsummarized and prospected this paper, made several illustrated to the article, andaccording to some short design proposed some improvements.
Keywords/Search Tags:Intelligent Home, ZigBee, IEEE802.15.4, Wireless communication, WPAN
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