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Double2-vote-2Redundancy Mechanism Research

Posted on:2013-09-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371995376Subject:Traffic Information Engineering & Control
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At present. China is vigorously developing the high-speed railway. In order to protect traffic safety of high-speed railway, a variety of railway signals are installed to control equipment whether on the train or on the ground. To ensure their safety and reliability, the core control components have adopted redundancy structure. Nowadays, its mainstream contains hot standby, triple modular redundancy and double2-vote-2. And double2-vote-2redundancy technology has become the most commonly used redundancy structure in the railway signal facility in China because of its high reliability and high security. But this technology is mainly controlled by foreign companies, which is very detrimental to the independent development of high-speed railway in China. This paper does research on double2-vote-2redundancy technology, designs and simulates its mechanism of redundancy.This paper does research on working mechanism of each functional module in double2-vote-2redundancy system, and targets to develop a set of double2-vote-2redundancy simulation system with combining with the full-electronic interlocking system. This redundancy simulation system can mimic the work of double2-vote-2simulation no matter it is in normal or abnormal circumstances, and provides an underlying platform for the further study. It can be achieved by using VC++programming under windows and XP. Firstly, the author does a thorough research on the reliability and security of double2-vote-2redundancy system to ensure to meet the requirements of the full-electronic interlocking system. Secondly, the author analyzes the structure of double2-vote-2redundancy system and does some researches on each internal functional module. Thirdly, this paper aims to design and achieve each functional module in double2-vote-2redundancy system to achieve its work properly, including the communication module, synchronization module and the each module used in its internal data processing. Finally, the author designs a faults simulation test through a requirement that is whether double2-vote-2redundancy system designed on the base of the join-test verification of the upper computer meets the full-electronic interlocking system or not. The test result proves that the design of double2-vote-2redundancy system is stable and reliable, and can achieve some functions such as data comparisons, host and backup fast to switch and fault simulation etc.This paper achieves to simulate double2-vote-2redundancy technology, does research on working mechanism of each core functional module, and provides relevant foundation and experience for the further study.
Keywords/Search Tags:double2-vote-2, full-electronic interlocking, simulation, Visual C++
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