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Study On Factors Of Mobile Payment Users’Use Intension Based On Perceived Value

Posted on:2013-04-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of the Internet technology and mobile communication technology, the popular of hand-held mobile device (such as mobile phone, PDA, etc.), the mobile e-commerce grow rapidly in the whole world. Compared with the traditional e-commerce, the most important features of e-commerce are "anytime, anywhere" and "personalization". And these features require a kind of payment which can support the mobile e-commerce securely, quickly and conveniently at anytime and anywhere. So, the mobile payment came into being.Until the first quarter of2011, the number of mobile phone users of our country has exceeded900million,and laid a huge market base for the development of mobile payment services in China. Also, in May and August. Chinese center bank issued27institutions of pay licenses,and began to implement supervision to this institutions which indicates that the mobile payment industry of our country will enter a rapid growth period.The mobile payment technology has been achieved, and users’ intention is the key matter which hindered the development of mobile payment. Users’ perceived value is the most important driver of loyalty, and has a strong predictive power to the intention. Lack of knowledge of value hindered the development of mobile payment. Only from the point of users, and understand users’perceptions of value of mobile payment, then the service providers can provede better values for users and thereby enhancing users’ intention. Therefore, Making sure users’connotation of mobile payment and the influence of perceived value on users’ intention is of great significance to the mobile payment service providers.Based on the systematic review and sort of existing literature, the article analyzed the driving factors of users’ perceived value, extended the acceptance model and finally bulit the model of this study. The model contains perceived benefits; perceived cost;perceived risk; perceived value and use intention. Perceived benefits includes perceived usefullness, perceived entertainment and image; perceived risk includes time risk, performance risk, financial risk, security risk and privacy risk. Next, this study explores the relationships between the drivers of perceived value and perceived value and use intention, the intermediary role between the drivers and use intention. The main conclusions of this study are as follow:(1)Perceived benefits includes perceived usefullness, perceived entertainment and image; Perceived risk includes performance risk, financial risk, security risk and privacy risk.(2)Perceived benefits,perceived risk and perceived value have a direct impact on the use intention. Perceived benefits and perceived value impact use intention positively, perceived risk impacts use intention negatively.(3) Perceived benefits and perceived risk have direct impact on perceived value. Perceived benefits impact perceived value positively,perceived risk impact perceived value negatively.(4)Perceived value plays an intermediary role on the relationships between perceived benefits and use intention, perceived risk and use intention.Finally, this article presents some advices and solotions on the development and popularization of mobile payment service according to the results of the empirical analysis as follow:(1)Step up publicity efforts and hightlight the advantages of mobile payment comparing to the traditional payments. (2)Interacting with users and learn more users’needs to comminicate the values to users more effectively.(3)Improve security technology and build a stable and orderly environment.
Keywords/Search Tags:mobile payment, perceived benefits, perceived risk, perceived value, use intention
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