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The Factors Influencing Use Intention Towards Mobile Payment

Posted on:2013-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2269330392968455Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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These years, with the growing popularity of smart phones and the rapiddevelopment of mobile e-commerce, the mobile payment industry along with the rise,as a new payment method, it is gradually coming into people’s lives. As a big countryof mobile phone, China has the world’s largest number of mobile net, mobile paymentmarket has great potential, but for the most mobile phone users, mobile payment is stilla very strange method of payment, its penetration is still very low, therefore, which ofthe factors restricting people to use mobile payment services will have a very realsense.This article try to explore the key factor which influence the willingness to usemobile payment in college students. We use Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use ofTechnology (UTAUT) as the basic theory, and considering the characteristics ofmobile payment industry in China, I add three new dimensions, dimensions of trust,perceived risk dimensions and the perceived cost dimension, into the UTAUT, In thisarticle i also analyze the regulatory role of gender, to examine the different genderfactors affecting willingness to use mobile payment, in order to build the model of thisstudy and make relevant assumptions, this paper considers the performance expectancy,effort expectancy, social influence, trust, willingness have a positive influence to theuse intention of mobile payment, perceived cost and perceived risk have a negativeimpact to the use intention of mobile payment, different genders will play a regulatoryrole.This article collect the sample data by web questionnaire survey method, basedon structural equation modeling, SPSS and AMOS tools to analyze the sample data ofthe mobile phone and the proposed research hypotheses empirical research, analysis ofeach dimension degrees factors the degree of influence of the intention to use themobile phone payment, and identify the key factors, and finally, the results of thisstudy are summarized and discussed, thereby guiding feasible views for the expansionof China’s mobile payment industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mobile payment, UTAUT, Perceived Cost, Perceived Risk
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