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The Research Of Credit Guarantee Agencies, Collaboration Bank And Guarantee Pricing

Posted on:2013-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2249330371488284Subject:National Economics
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Small and medium-sized enterprises play an important role in promoting economic growth, providing employment and promoting the innovation of technology, they are the important support of the economic development in all countries. However, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises is restricted by many factors. In order to effectively solve the problems of financing difficulties of the small and medium-sized enterprises, governments have set up small and medium enterprise credit guarantee system to provide credit support for small and medium-sized enterprises. Starting from1999to now, our country’s credit guarantee institutions start from scratch, and get a rapid development. They affectively alleviate the credit market with asymmetric information and share the bank credit risk. However, at present, the development of guarantee agencies faced with some problems, including:in the actual operation, its survival ability is insufficient, and not fully play their due function and role. Therefore, there appears question voice of the guarantee agencies’existing meaning.So, researching guarantee agencies for small and middle-sized enterprises at present will be able to help analysis and find out the cause of the difficulty of the guarantee agencies and help our country’s guarantee agencies get better health rational development. So, studies of this paper has a quite important theoretical and practical significance in perfecting the construction of credit guarantee mechanism and promoting the small and medium-sized enterprise credit guarantee institutions.This paper mainly studies the risk allocation proportion between guarantee agencies and collaborating bank and the biggest reasonable size of the loan guarantee and guarantee rate pricing. The first, I use the game theory methods to study the cooperation conditions of guarantee agencies and cooperating bank. Second, under the condition of the introduction of reguarantee mechanism, using the mathematical methods to get the reasonable proportion and influencing factors. And under the premise of other factors unchanged, make a theoretical research of the relationship between one of the influence factors and the optimal risk allocation proportion. Finally, under the framework of Credit Metrics, I build the rate model, and use a real case for empirical research.This paper conclude the following research conclusion:guarantee compensation rate, loan interest rate, guarantee rate, reguarantee proportion and reguarantee rate effect the reasonable proportion in a comprehensive and interrelated way; The deposit rates of collaborating bank,the capital, guarantee rate and guarantee proportion of guarantee agencies, guarantee compensation rate, reguarantee proportion and reguarantee rate also influence the biggest guaranteed loan size in this way; The current experience pricing way of guarantee rate cannot very well reflect the credit risk credit of guarantee institutions undertake, pricing method of this paper can serve as a kind of optional pricing method. On the basis of the above conclusion,I put some forward policy Suggestions from both aspects of the inner and external environment construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Guarantee institutions, Guarantee proportion, Guaranteed loan scale, Guaranteepricing
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