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The Research On Industrial Structure Evolution, Optimization And Transition In Wuxi City

Posted on:2010-06-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2249330374495583Subject:Agricultural extension
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The economic development of a country or a region is closely related to the development in industrial structure. The development on industrial structure not only reflects a country or a region’s economic development level and characteristics, but also influences the economic development speed and direction of a country or region. In the development process in Wuxi, there are a lot of factors influenced the economic development, the existent problem in the industrial structure is one of the important factors of economic development in Wuxi. Aim at this problem, especially the inner part of the industrial structure be out of balance, this text takes the industrial structure of Wuxi as a research object, passing to turning into the process, characteristics and the detailed analysis of the present conditions to the three industrial structures of Wuxi, putting for ward the measures aiming at the industrial structure of Wuxi. According to this logic way of thinking, the article structure arrangement is divided into five parts. Chapter1is a foreword introduces the propose, meaning and the research method about the dissertation; Chapter2introduces the contents of involve in this text of the industry, industrial structure and the optimization of industrial structure and the related concept and theories; The Chapter3is the analysis to the city of Wuxi, main in that during the past30years the three industrial structures of Wuxi how to turned into present condition and the characteristics; Chapter4is industrial transformation and dynamic experience for the Industrial transformation in the advanced domestic and foreign cities; Chapter5is the point of the article, aiming to the problems of the industrial structure of Wuxi, put forward correspond of resolve measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wuxi, industrial structure, economy transition, empirical analyze
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