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Discussion On The Classification And Management Of Travel Agency Archives

Posted on:2014-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2249330398479185Subject:Archival science
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In recent years, tourism industry plays the more and more important role in economy, is developing very quickly. As a travel agency to play a leading role in the tourism industry, accounting for a very important position in the tourism economy.In the market economy, the tourism enterprises want to develop in the fierce competition, enterprises must establish responsibilities clear, scientific organizations and scientific modern management system.Archives standardized management arises at the historic moment, make it become the most importance of the enterprise internal administrative management. Archives standardized management can support the administrative work in effective operation,to further improve the modern enterprise system.Archives of the travel agency is a real record of the business management and important basis, it formed in the enterprise management activities, and in the service of the enterprise management activities. This kind of enterprise management practice, the resulting value has important for the enterprise archives, reference value and the function of the law.Travel agents file is a true record of the travel agency management and an important basis for the line into the travel agency business activities, and services in the travel agency management activities.It is this travel agency management practice activities, the formation of the unique value of the shares of the travel agency file, the reference value in use and the role of law.Furthermore, the travel agency business class files companies track the quality of service, master guide (leader) led a group level, effectively avoid responsibility, to know your visitors feedback, analyze complaints causes, promote sound and rapid development of the necessary conditions.Analyze and understand the concept of the travel agency business class file, and then on this basis for effective management, is critical of the enterprise.Archives classification in the scientific management of archives occupies an important position in the development and utilization and is a kind of method know archives. In the face of large amounts of data, the first thing is classified, classified is very importance for the latter part of the development and utilization, also including the archival value of the play.Scientific classification on the basis of the archives of the travel agency, travel agency archives for effective management is an important foundation for enterprise management work.According to the scale of the travel agency management, business process, etc,and set archives management system to meet the demand of the travel agency, divide archive scope,straighten out the archive process, to ensure the continuous, normal work of archives management. From theory and practice in this paper, the travel agency the file classification and management, so as to realize the standardization of the travel agency management. This paper is divided into six parts:The first section:Introduction.First introduction selected topic background, which leads to the travel agency the archives management of the status quo.It is illustrate the research significance, research contents,research methods and ideas of travel agency archives classification and management.The second section:Overview of the travel agency and travel agency archives. According the main business functions and organization of the travel agency, summarize the travel agency management class archives and the travel agency business class archives.This part mainly elaborates the travel agency archives the basic content and characteristics, and for the third part puts forward classification scheme is proposed to lay the foundation.The third section:Travel agency archives classification is discussed. With the good journey travel agency as an example, analyze the source of travel agency files. Described in the basis of the analysis of the source file the entity classification requirements and information classification requirements of the travel agency, summer travel agency physical file classification scheme and category set according to these requirements.The fourth section:Archives management of travel agency. Archives classification is in order to better management, this part from the archives of the identification, collection, sorting, filing and use of archives process, so as to realize the effective management of archives.The fifth section:Conclusion.Summarize the shortage part and prospect are putting forward.
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