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Study Of Archives Service Present Situation Investigation In Huabei Oilfield

Posted on:2017-07-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2349330503964692Subject:Library and Information Science
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The oil enterprises intensive both knowledge and technology, archives which formed in the process of oil exploration is the investment in our country, is the result of oilman’s wisdom. Because of the complexity of the geological structure, the degree of exploration, the difficulty of explore oil is growing up, each oilman need to work on the foundation of the previous research results and to study furthermore. So enterprise archives is a very important part of archives work, the decision of company that made of archives plays an essential role in the enterprise. Today, era of big data is coming, it has changed people’s life, and also to the archives management. This paper’s background is era of big data and investigate the archives service in Huabei oilfield, through the interview of workers and users to discusses the present situation and try to put forward some proposal to resolve the problems.This paper use questionnaire survey and interview way to analyzes and research the present situation of Huabei oilfield enterprise archives service, the result can reflect the problems exist in Huabei oilfield archives management. Combine with the challenges and opportunities that the era of big data bring to, provide some effective support to improve the ability of archives service. This paper contains four parts. The first chapter content is mainly about the research purpose and meaning, research contents and research methods, sum up the research environment at home and abroad. The second chapter content is mainly introduce the basic situation of Huabei oilfield archives including archives scale, collection, features, users. The third chapter use the way of questionnaire survey method, made accord to the result of survey, in combination with the interviews of the archives staff, made the conclusion of the problems in Huabei oilfield archives management. The forth chapter is mainly about in the view of the problems, combine by with the archives management influenced by the big data, propose some suggestions to rise up the service ability of Huabei oilfield archives in order to provide more valuable information service.
Keywords/Search Tags:Oil enterprise archives, Information service, Archives management, Era of big data
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