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The Present Situation、Issues And Countermeasures Of Xiuning Travel Archives Resources Exploitation

Posted on:2015-01-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2269330428466268Subject:Archival science
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Archives is an original record of historical development,which is rich in historical value and cultural value,and has been given an important responsibility since it appears:"Today use it to present and understand the past hi story. Future use it to present and understand the history of today."Travel archives is appeared along with the development of tourism,and truly recorded the emergence and development of tourism activities. With the development of tourism and the improvement of people’s level of knowledge,the requirement for travel cultural level is also increasing.From the past’s simple lake excursions to today’s pursuit of cultural tourism,travel archives plays an increasingly important role.The exploitation of tourism resources in the archives not only enriching the tourism resources,expanding the visibility of scenic spots,improving the competitiveness of tourism resources,but also providing reference for leadership decision based on the development experience.Xiuning is rich in tourism resources and has accumulated a large number of tourism archives in the rapid processing of tourism development.The author had a one year’s fieldwork in Xiuning Qiyun Mountain Scenic Area Management Committee(Hereinafter referred to as CMC).During the one-year’s work,the author got a deep understanding and awareness of Xiuning Tourism archives,under the leadership of the county leadership,Xiuning travel archival work forged ahead and innovated,and actively exploitation the tourism archival resources,which providing a powerful impetus for tourism economic development,and did a lot of beneficial exploration and attempt to have achieved a very good results.Of course,it also exposed some problems and contradictions with the process of exploring.This paper attempts to analyze the status and problems and analyze the reasons,also explore the issues that arise in this process from the actual work of Xiuning tourism archival work.In order to provide a reference for the development and utilization of Xiuning tourism archives resources.This paper is divided into six parts:The first part is an introduction,which introduces the research background,purpose and significance,research status and contents,research methods and ideas,innovations and features.The second part is the introduction of related concepts,including the concepts of tourism archives and features,the relationship between archives and tourism,meanings and forms of tourism archives resources development and utilization.The third part focuses on the characteristics of Xiuning tourism archives resource, the measures of tourism resources development and experience.The fourth part comprehensive analyzes the problems and reasons of Xiuning tourism archives resources development and utilization from different angles.The fifth part proposes the targeted solutions to the previously mentioned problems.Finally, making a conclusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Tourism Archives, Exploitation, Currentsituation, Problem, Countermeasure
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